Gear Up! XpoLog 6 is here: Imagine and Build Your Log Data Apps

by Haim Koschitzky, XpoLog CEO

XpoLog 6 is finally here. In previous posts I presented certain features of this new version in detail. We worked very hard to rebuild the product to make it a solution for our users to better manage their various complex systems. Now that we have the building blocks to build awesome apps for your log data, let us take a look at how this is done.

Add Logs

XpoLog provides highly functional tools to collect and parse log data. We provide some unique capabilities that we built into our log management platform that help manage logs in a very smart, secure, and efficient way. I also recommend checking out the virtual data engine and log parsing service that helps normalize log data automatically.

In recent years we witnessed growing availability of open source projects for log collection and log shipping, some of them being logstash, fluentd and others. Those tools help ship data and create log repositories.

If you are already using tools for log management we have great news for you, XpoLog can be integrated with most of them. Deploy XpoLog to collect or process log data in order to add leading analytics services on the work you already did.

If you are deploying a new log analysis platform, simply add the data to XpoLog using our SysLog, wizards, or other agents.

Organize Log Data and AppTags

Log data is organized as nodes in XpoLog; these data nodes are very powerful. You can change access permission to nodes, move nodes, duplicate nodes with different credentials, and even apply numerous patterns on the same log using multiple data nodes. When nodes are organized in logical structures, such as folders or Apps, it is easy to perform group operations and search queries on this new abstraction layer.

In the AppTags console, tag nodes to the applications, this will allow you to run queries on AppTags, and Apps. In a dynamic world you can add more data nodes to AppTags and your queries will still work for elastic and hybrid environments.

Search and Complex Search of Logs

If you are new to search, this part can look complicated but we have great tools that build search queries for you. XpoLog 6 Analytic Search was enhanced to automatically build millions of queries automatically according to the content of the log data. You can select queries or build them from the analytics services. Use complex search syntax in order to correlate log data and run complex statistical searches.

Become an expert in your application log data, and use the XpoLog 6 Analytic search query builder to discover more insight on your new or existing data repositories.

post for blog xpolog 6Build Log Data Apps

XpoLog 6 brings a refreshing approach to Apps, we created an amazingly simple (AngularJS based) UI work space in which you create apps. Within each App we recommend defining dashboards like: “Availability of service”, “Performance”, “Security”, “Statistics”, “Top Errors” etc. Within each dashboard, define visual gadgets that visualize data in the right context. For example, on the Performance dashboard, create “avg. time” between two steps executed in the same code. As you see the “avg. time” growing, you can conclude the machine is performing slower. On the Security dashboard, you can visualize “avg. failed logins per user” compared to “users that failed to login more times than the avg. user”.

One killer dashboard for your apps can use our new analytics visualization gadget that will summarize all unknown errors in logs sorted according to severity level. This additional Analytic service can be very useful to DevOps or Testing by presenting new errors in the last hour that were logged during a test cycle or release task.

Deploy Apps Across IT

Once Apps and Dashboards are created you can duplicate, export, and import those Apps. But the most important part is that by using AppTags and Apps sources, it is extremely easy to move apps between pre-production and production and also between different data centers, servers, and locations. Check out the Apps configuration to change the context of all gadgets and dashboards.

This can help you switch security context from one service to another, from one data center to another, or simply duplicate Apps for different end users.

Now Imagine and Build New Apps

XpoLog 6 brings a new level of freedom to data analysis, instead of focusing on log collection, parsing and manual search, you can now focus on advanced analytics, application building, and further developing the business innovation.

Recently Gartner named XpoLog as “Cool Vendor” in the “IT Operations Analytics 2015”. Download this new version to find out why.

Gear Up and Deploy XpoLog on your Log Data. XpoLog 6 is here!

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