XpoLog 6: Building NOC, Operations, DevOps, Security Rooms Views

by Haim Koschitzky, XpoLog CEO

XpoLog 6 is coming soon. In this series of posts I am covering the new primary features and enhancements. On my last post I discussed our visualization strategy, we are about to add more than 20 new visualization gadgets and there will be new ways to present information.

This short post will present one of the new cool features of XpoLog 6, the Ops View.

Different Perspective

We understand that different needs require different tools, and sometimes different situations require different views. The teams at the NOC, Operations, DevOps, SOC or High availability control rooms need to have ongoing status screens of managed environment. The need for an ongoing streaming of status views is very different from a single dashboard view or a search console view.

Turn Log Data to a Slideshow

In previous posts I wrote about Apps, AppTags, dashboards, and visualization gadgets. With XpoLog 6 you will be able to select multiple dashboards and run them as slideshows. Free your creativity and build great visual dashboards for security, performance, errors, business statistics, etc.

Rooms with A View

With XpoLog 6 you can build Availability and Business slideshow Views for application and business owners. Build R&D, Development, and Testing dashboards and have them slide in the meeting rooms. Operations, Security, and DevOps will be able to build multiple dashboards and Apps that will provide continuous feedback on systems and applications. Making a wealth of information and insights visibly accessible and dynamic will drive better actions.

image for 4th blog

Night Mode – Log Data can be Romantic

Check out the Themes options in the dashboard view that will invert the colors of the entire visualization views.

Create Smarter NOC and OPS Views

Release your creativity and build Apps and dashboards for any data, and correlate information from databases with logs. Visualize business Apps data from Hadoop with access logs stored on your CDN provider.

XpoLog 6 is coming soon along with some exciting news. Stay Tuned.

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