Free Log Management XpoLog 1GB/Day Full-Featured Version

by Haim Koschitzky, CEO

Untitled-34Great news folks, today we have unveiled our new pricing plan, which includes a unique free offering for those who want to start using XpoLog’s log management and analysis system with Augmented Search technology. The free plan includes all features and is limited to 1GB/Day. The license has no limitations on the number of users or devices that send log data. XpoLog can be installed on-premise as well as on the client’s private and public cloud environment.

We are very excited to be first in the market to offer a fully-featured, leading technology solution for free. Thanks to our revolutionary Augmented Search technology, we are seeing a massive adoption of our log management and analysis solution among DevOps, developers, testers, and IT teams, who can now expedite their troubleshooting efforts even on application logs. The augmented search technology radically changes the way log analysis works, making it more accessible to users who do not necessarily know what to search for. By introducing this new free plan, we hope to get faster adoption of our Augmented Search log analysis technology.

Augmented Search for Log Data

Augmented Search Log Analysis Platform

About XpoLog with Augmented Search:

XpoLog combines machine learning and human intelligence to provide insights into application problems, systems, and user behavior. Its Augmented Search technology layers intelligence on top of search using semantic analysis, as well as pattern and anomaly detection, creating context which empowers users to unlock the value of their log data.

XpoLog Features

  • Augmented Search™
  • Simple and Complex Search
  • Log Data Visualization
  • Log Analysis
  • Analytics AutoDetect
  • Log Collection and Archive
  • Log Parsing and Indexing
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Log Management
  • Proactive Monitoring and Alerts
  • Log Correlation and Patterns
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Relational Database Integration

The full brochure, online demo and even a free trial of the Log Analysis Platform, can be downloaded through XpoLog’s official website

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